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Qinhuangdao Maritime Museum

Role: Project Designer

Inspired by the ginkgo tree, the national tree of China, the smooth modern architectural form of this proposed museum is an abstracted representation of a ginkgo leaf floating on water.  Located inside a man-made gulf, the 400,000 SF maritime museums will display unique artifacts from China‚Äôs rich maritime history and will attract both domestic and international tourists to visit Qinhuangdao.


Visitors will also be able to virtually experience different seaport cities around the world through highly interactive and immersive exhibits.  In addition, the proposed museum will house a research and development facility to help further advance modern maritime technologies.


This design proposal was completed in 2013 as one of a collection of purely conceptual proposals for a Chinese developer interested in exploring potential real estate development opportunities in Qinhuangdao, China.

Design by Howard Chen while at Quantum-AIP as Founding Partner/ Design Director (2009-2015)