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Al Salam Hotel

Role: Project Designer

The 300-room Al Salam Royal Terminal Hotel complex is located at the intersection of Prince Sultan Street and Al Salam Street in the northern part of Jeddah and close to the airport terminals.  Designed to address the adjacent residential neighborhood and simultaneously its prominent corner location facing the main highway, the bent primary facade uses a combination of glazing types of various transparency to create a modern architectural expression.  Punctuated with programmable LED lights spaced modularly on the featured facade, this 4-star business hotel is immediately recognizable from a distance.


The hotel will serve both the local and the international clientele looking for accommodations and will include business, entertainment and family recreational areas with top food and beverage facilities.


Working in collaboration with Hogan + Campis Architecture (Atlanta), and Alliance (Jeddah) I was the lead project designer for this boutique business hotel.

Design by Howard Chen while at Quantum-AIP as Founding Partner/ Design Director (2009-2015)