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Dubai Maison Mondiale Mixed-Use Development Option 1

Role: Project Designer

Designed at the request of a Dubai client on a hypothetical site, the Dubai Maison Mondiale is a mixed-use development centered around the expanding Dubai home expo industry.  This is the first of the many proposed master plan options and uses the least amount of site area while maximizing the project program.  The 4-level u-shaped super-block building surrounds the main ballroom which also hosts other civic functions/exhibitions throughout the year.   On the rooftop level is the main food court where boutique restaurants serving exotic international cuisines and coffee shops are located.  This dining level is designed to be a unique destination where tourists go to enjoy the active night life of Dubai.


Designed to be a highly flexible in use, the u-shaped building is also modulated to have the same leasing depth as an office building; therefor, it can be retrofitted into a luxury office building should the market change in the home expo industry.


Phase 2 of the project will include two towers to house commercial office and hotel program components.


Design by Howard Chen while at Quantum-AIP as Founding Partner/ Design Director (2009-2015)