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Park Russia Master Plan

Role: Project Designer

Russia’s double headed eagle from its coat of arms was combined with its national flower, the chamomile, and used as the unifying design metaphor for this 2,600 acre master plan competition proposal.  Undulating greenbelts and meandering waterways provide linkages between districts and create active water edges for recreational activities.  The “chamomile flowers” on the master plan illustrate proposed locations for pedestrian plazas, pavilions, observation towers and building icons.


With a very diverse proposed program mix comprised of a theme park, a botanical park, a safari park, sports districts, an educational and exhibition district, a healthcare district, and a residential district, the master plan proposal is divided into 5 development phases.


Working in collaboration with Base-4, ITEC & Innovation Design, this vision master plan competition proposal was completed by Quantum-AIP in 2013 under my design leadership.

Design by Howard Chen while at Quantum-AIP as Founding Partner/ Design Director (2009-2015)