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Qinhuangdao Higher Education Research Institute

Role: Project Designer

Proposed as an alternate educational institute to the traditional 4-year university, the Qinhuangdao Higher Education Research Institute is a magnet school academy with focus on computer programming and health and medical services.  The proposed project program includes classrooms, research laboratories, student center, recreational venues, and a 35,000 SF cafeteria/assembly hall.  The departments are organized as a series of horizontally bars reminiscent of microchips on a computer circuit board.  The sloped roof lines create unique architectural building profiles and wonderful opportunities for outdoor balcony areas.


This design proposal was completed in 2013 as one of a collection of purely conceptual proposals for a Chinese developer interested in exploring potential real estate development opportunities in Qinhuangdao, China.

Design by Howard Chen while at Quantum-AIP as Founding Partner/ Design Director (2009-2015)